Authentic paella at home, party room or company.

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Customers who ordered a party:

VIDEO: All very tasty
VIDEO: Easily separate fish and meat
VIDEO: All very tasty
VIDEO: No taste of fish & meat mixed together
VIDEO: All very tasty

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Our paella shop

In the paella shop at the front window:
Making artisanal paella.

Why order paella from us?

Delivered hot to your home

No gas appliances
needed, enough space.

Perfect surprise

We can do fireworks
come into the pan!

To everyone's taste

Meat & fish is separated,
everyone finds their taste.


The highest quality,
for a low price.


“We invited friends from Spain and they liked it better than in Spain! Worth repeating".


“We ordered this as a complete surprise for my husband's birthday.
We agreed to come in with fireworks and it was very nice!”

How can you be sure that everyone likes paella?


When someone says “I don't like paella..” they mean 1 or 2 aspects:


OR they don't like seafood,

AND/OR they don't like rice.


Our solution:

1 pan only seafood and rice paella,




1 pan only meat and pasta paella (called Fidueà in Spain). 


Veggie/vegan/allergy intolerance is also prepared in a separate pan.


Now nothing stands in the way of your surprise effect!